What does a child’s guardian do?

What does a child's guardian do?

Once you are appointed guardian, you become responsible for the well-being of the child.  Unless limited by the judge’s order, you essentially have the same powers as the child’s parent.  Some examples include the following:


As guardian, you can enroll the child in school.  Residency of the child will be based on your residence.  You can communicate with the school district about the child.

Medical Treatment

You are responsible for the health and welfare of the child.  You can choose the physician for the child and access health information about the child.  You can make medical decisions, and authorize medical treatment.


As guardian, you have legal custody of the child.  You decide where the child will live.

Rights of Parents to Visitation

As the guardian, you decide who can visit the child – including the parents.  The parents can petition the court for visitation rights – similar to a divorce.

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