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Do you need a Guardianship to protect your loved one struggling with dementia?

Watching a loved one struggle with dementia can leave you feeling helpless.  As the disease progresses, difficult decisions must be made about where to live, medical decisions, and finances. 

Guardianship may be necessary to help protect your loved one from harm or exploitation.

What is a guardianship?

Guardianship is when a court appoints someone to act on behalf of an incapacitated person.  A guardian can make decisions about where the person will live and make medical decisions. If needed, a conservator can be appointed to manage a person’s finances. 

Need Answers About Your Situation?

Do you have questions about a guardianship or conservatorship? 

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Is guardianship right for you?

Seeking guardianship is a momentous decision.  Once guardianship is entered, the person loses his or her legal rights.  If someone can no longer make decisions or is at risk of harm, guardianship may be your only option, though. 


How to get started.

The first step in the guardianship process is to schedule your free consultation.  Guardianship lawyer Tim McCurdy will speak with you to discuss your options, and help you decide if guardianship is the right decision for you and your loved one.

Guardianship lawyer Tim McCurdy

Tim McCurdy has more than 17 years of experience helping families navigate difficult legal issues.  Guardianship requires a lawyer who will listen to you, and help guide you through the complex guardianship process. 


Let Tim McCurdy help you with your guardianship

so you can focus on helping your loved one.

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