Protecting Your Loved Ones With Guardianship

Are you struggling to help a loved one? Is a spouse or parent battling dementia?  Is your special needs child turning 18?  Does a child need protection?  You may need a guardianship to protect your loved one. Learn how.

Adult Guardianship

Do you have a loved one struggling with dementia? Guardianship can help you protect your loved one.

Guardianship for Special Needs

Do you have a special needs child who is turning 18? You may need guardianship to care for your child.

Guardianship of a Child

Are parents unable to care for a child? Learn how to obtain guardianship to protect the child.

St. Louis Guardianship Lawyer Tim McCurdy

Guardianship requires a lawyer who will listen to you.  You need a partner to help guide you through the complex guardianship process.  St. Louis Guardianship Lawyer Tim McCurdy will take the time to learn about your unique situation to help look for a solution.